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Neck Pain

Poor posture, injury, and accidents all add to neck pain. Some symptoms involve stiff neck, soreness, sharp pain, and even tingling, numbness, or weakness.


Stress is a high factor of headaches. To help relieve stress chiropractors can adjust and improve spinal function.


Nerve pain that starts in your lower back and travels down one or both legs may be the cause of nerve compression.

Lower Back Pain

Number one cause of lower back pain is lumbar strain caused by over or improper use producing damage to the tendons and muscles.

Shoulder Pain / Issues

The shoulder is a very mobile joint. Common causes of shoulder pain are bursitis and tendinitis of the rotator.


Overtime ribs may become misaligned causing discomfort or difficult to take deep breaths.


There may be issues around the knee or alignment issues in other areas of the body that may be the true cause of knee pain.


Elbow pain usually revolves around the outside of the elbow called extensor tendon.

Orthotics — Over Pronation

Overpronation also referred to as flat feet caused by the arches of the foot rolling in or downward.


Spinal misalignment and joint dysfunctions are causes of hip pain which can be resolved from chiropractic help.


Chiropractic help can improve posture by straightening your back. Good posture has many health benefits and is a good practice to avoid injury to your back.