No matter your level, the time is now to get in shape!

Skiing is undoubtedly a demanding sport and of course there are those who decide to take it to the limit. But what about you? Are you thinking about challenging yourself this winter?

Perhaps you have no intention of even jumping, let alone pulling a backflip. Does that mean you don't need to think about your back before you head out on the slopes? Of course not.

Along with cardiovascular and strength training, flexibility is important in order to get the most out of your days on the hill. Many of us consider flexibility to be something determined by how tight or short our muscles are. While muscles are part of the picture, they are not the only piece of the puzzle. These other pieces are the joints! Joints, too, can lose their flexibility gradually over time and if one desires to be injury-free it is important that each joint has it's full range of motion.

This is where the chiropractic adjustment fits in. Your chiropractor will work to restore optimal function to any joint that has gradually lost it's mobility. This loss of mobility may happen gradually over time or it can be a result of previous injuries that have healed with scar tissue and tension. In either case, if one receives a course of chiropractic care prior to the ski season it could be less likely that those inevitable wipe-outs will lead to injury, as the spine will be more supple.

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